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Mar 12 2014 Technology

Cloud Options Increasingly Confuse Data Hosting Decisions

Tech Trends You Need to Know Companies: IBM, MSFT, AMZN, GOOG, YHOO, EQIX, CONE, RAX, DFT, DLR By: John Harrington Click here to download the report (.pdf)   Highlights Top-tier IT industry sources warn the proliferation of cloud networking companies is creating a customer buying cycle bottleneck, potentially affecting numerous vendors’ revenue in 2014. Mistrust of using […]


U.S. Software Losing Market Share in Europe, China and Brazil; NSA Scandal an Excuse

Research Question: Have government privacy and security issues with the NSA created long-term problems for American technology companies doing business outside the United States? Companies: AAPL, AMZN, AOL, BBRY, CRM, CSCO, FB, GOOG, HKG:0992, IBM, INTC, JNPR, LON:BT.A, MSFT, ORCL, OTCMKTS:DTEGY, RAX, SAP SHE:002502, SYMC, TWTR, YHOO By: Susan Jennings Click here to download the report (.pdf)   Summary […]


Getty, Shutterstock Retain Their Ends of the Stock Photo Market

Research Question: Can Getty Images maintain its higher-priced stock photo business, or is the industry shifting toward lower-priced providers like Shutterstock? Companies: SSTK, YHOO By: Chris Jenks Click here to download the report (.pdf)   Summary of Findings Getty Images Inc. will continue to dominate the high-end image market. However, it will be challenged in entering the growing […]


Jan 14 2014 Media & Print, Services

Spending Shifts to Digital Throughout All Media

Research Question: Where will the greatest shifts in media spending occur in 2014? Companies: AAPL, AOL, BLC, CBS, CCO, CMCSA, DIS, DISCA, GCI, GOOG, LAMR, MSFT, NFLX, NLSN, NWS, P, SBGI, SNI, SSP, SYNC, TWTR, TWX, VCI, VIA, YHOO, YUME By: Rachel Dangermond Click here to download the report (.pdf)   Summary of Findings Social and online video continue […]


Dec 16 2013 Media & Print, Services

Scatter Market Sputters in 4Q13; 2014 Shows Slight Growth

Research Question: Has spending in the scatter advertising market slowed? Companies: AOL, BLC, CBS, CMCSA, DIS, DISCA, FB, GCI, GOOG, LAMR, MSFT, NWS, P, SBGI, SNI, SSP, TWTR, TWX, VCI, VIA, YHOO By: Rachel Dangermond Click here to download the report (.pdf)   Summary of Findings Network TV/cable scatter spending slowed to a halt in October and has remained […]


Nov 25 2013 Services, Travel & Leisure Holds OTA Lead Among Europe’s Chain and Independent Hotels

Research Question: What are OTA booking trends at hotels in the United Kingdom, France and Germany? Companies: EXPE, GOOG, OWW, PCLN, TRIP, YHOO By: Reverdy Johnson & Chris Jenks Click here to download the report (.pdf)   Summary of Findings Use of online travel agencies, or OTAs, continues to grow throughout Europe. 68% of our chain and independent […]


Oct 08 2013 Media & Print, Technology

2013 Ad Spending Meets Expectations, 2014 to Post Slight Improvement

Research Question: Has traditional advertising agencies’ interest in Facebook and YouTube grown as of the end of the first quarter? By: Rachel Dangermond Companies: AMZN, AOL, BLC, CBS, CMCSA, DIS, DISCA, DISH, DTV, FB, GCI, GOOG, JRN, LAMR, LNKD, MNI, MSFT, NFLX, NLSN, NWS, NYT, P, RENT, SBGI, SNI, SSP, TWX, VCI, VIA, YHOO Click here to download the […]


Rovi Safe in Near-Term IP Licensing But Lags in Tech Innovation

Research Question: Will Rovi’s base TV guide licensing be at risk when long-term contracts come up for renewal with MSOs in 2015 and 2016? By: Seth Agulnick Companies: AMZN, ARRS, CHTR, CMCSA, CVC, DISH, DTV, GOOG, NFLX, ROVI, SATS, TWC, YHOO Click here to download the report (.pdf)   Summary of Findings Large MSOs such as Comcast […]


National Advertisers Drag on Local Markets, Drive Up Digital

Research Question: Has local advertising improved from its sluggish start to 2013? Has digital advertising maintained its growth momentum? By: Rachel Dangermond Companies: AOL, AAPL, BLC, CBS, FB, GCI, GOOG, LAMR, LNKD, MSFT, P, SBGI, SCOR, YELP, YHOO Click here to download the report (.pdf)   Summary of Findings Digital advertising spending is up year to year. Online […]


Brand Advertisers Support Facebook As Social Media Expands

Research Question: Can Facebook’s mobile advertising growth continue, with inventory and ROI to match? By: Rachel Dangermond Companies: FB, GOOG, LNKD, YHOO Click here to download the report (.pdf)   Summary of Findings Facebook Inc. (FB) continues to enjoy its lead in the growing social media landscape, even as advertisers strategically allocate dollars to multiple industry players. Social […]