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JNPR  // Posts tagged as "JNPR"

Tech Trends: The Wild West Of The Edge Blows Up The Cybersecurity World

Research Question: What impact is the cybersecurity shift to the edge having on an industry that was heavily focused on protecting the core and perimeter of networks over the past 25 years? Which companies are well-positioned in edge AI security? Which are caught between a central-firewall mentality and the undefined edge? Companies: AMZN, CHKP, CRWD, […]


Tech Trends: New Generation Fiber Optics Will Lead to Boost in Tech Innovation

Research Question: How does the spread of new generation undersea and large terrestrial fiber optic transmission cables fuel the growth of tech expansion as connections fan out across the globe? Companies: AMD, AMZN, CIEN, COMM, CSCO, DY, EQIX, GLW, GOOG/GOOGL, IBM, INTC, JNPR, MSFT, NOK, NVDA, TSM By: John Harrington Click here to download report (.pdf) […]


Tech Trends: Everyone Claims to be Cloud Ready—But They’re Not

Research Question: How has the pandemic affected data network communications and what changes will permanently impact the use of networks and the companies supplying IT? Companies: AAPL, AMZN, CHKP, CSCO, CTXS, DELL, FFIV, FTNT, GOOG/GOOGL, HPE, IBM, JNPR, MDB, MSFT, NTAP, ORCL, PANW, VMW By: John Harrington Click here to download report (.pdf)   Key […]


Tech Trends: Cisco, IBM, Other Big Vendors Losing the Cloud Battle (CSCO, IBM)

Research Question: What must Cisco and other networking vendors do to stave off encroachment on their businesses by the expanding public clouds—or is it too late? Companies: AMZN, ANET, CSCO, DELL, GOOG/GOOGL, HPE, IBM, JNPR, MSFT   By: John Harrington Click here to download report (.pdf)   Key Findings Sources say it is too late for […]


Tech Trends: IBM/Redhat “Five to Six Years Too Late” to Cloud Networking (IBM)

Research Question: What are the areas causing IBM and other networking incumbents the biggest problems in their attempts to regain growth at the start of 2020? Companies: AMZN, ANET, CSCO, DELL, FB, FFIV, IBM, JNPR, MSFT, VMW By: John Harrington Click here to download (.pdf)   Key Findings A private company—Canonical, via its fully supported Ubuntu […]


Tech Trends: U.K. Showdown Over Huawei Ensnares U.S. Tech Firms

Senior Technology Researcher John Harrington reports from the United Kingdom: Research Question: How will the U.K.’s fight between government and telecom carriers over the use of Huawei networking and wireless equipment affect the rollout of 5G? What are the stakes for U.S. technology firms in the outcome? Companies: AAPL, ACIA, AMZN, CSCO, ERIC, GOOG/GOOGL, INTC, JNPR, […]


Tech Trends: Cloud AI Poised to Wreck the IT Security Business Model

Research Question: How is the rapid expansion of AI affecting the cybersecurity market and the next-gen firewall makers that traditionally have bundled everything into their products? Companies: AMZN, BB, CBLK, CHKP, CRWD, CSCO, FEYE, FSCT, FTNT, IBM, JNPR, MSFT, PANW, PFPT, SYMC By: John Harrington Click here to download report (.pdf)   Key Findings The […]


Tech Trends: Sales-Focused IT Security “Pathetic” As Attacks Skyrocket

Research Question: Are organized hackers stepping up attacks against U.K. and U.S. targets amid Brexit preparations and other political turmoil? Can leading IT security vendors keep up? Companies: CHKP, FEYE, FTNT, JNPR, PANW, SPLK, SYMC   By: John Harrington Click here to download report (.pdf)   Key Findings Editor’s Note: John Harrington has been reporting from […]


Vicor Is Gradually Starting to Benefit from Uptake of Nvidia GPUs (VICR, NVDA)

Research Question: How quickly will data centers ramp up their purchases of Nvidia GPUs powered by Vicor technology? Companies: ABB, AMD, AMZN, AVGO, CIEN, CSCO, DELL, FB, GOOG/GOOGL, HPE, IBM, IFNNY, INTC, JNPR, MSFT, NVDA, ORCL, QCOM, TXN, VICR, XLNX By: Seth Agulnick Click here to view report (.pdf)   Summary of Findings Sales of […]


Tech Trends: IT Security Market Is Being Wrecked by Overabundance of Players

Research Question: Are there already too many cyber security vendors in business, with more startups arriving all the time? If so, how do the leading publicly traded companies maintain share, let alone growth? Companies: AMZN, CHKP, CSCO, FFIV, FTNT, GOOG/GOOGL, IBM, JNPR, MSFT, PANW, PFPT, RPD, VMW, ZS By: John Harrington Click here to download report […]