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CMCSA  // Posts tagged as "CMCSA"

Tech Trends: Open RAN Can Clear The Way For The 5G Explosion

Research Question: How will open 5G radio access networks (O-RANs) affect wireless connectivity for the digital world and what will it mean for enterprise network hardware and software vendors stuck between edge users and cloud-connected 5G RANs? Companies: AMZN, CMCSA, CSCO, CTXS, DELL, ERIC, FFIV, GOOG/GOOGL, IBM, MSFT, NOK, T, TMUS, VZ By: John Harrington […]


Tech Trends: IT at the Office: There is no Road Back

Research Question: Is fast mobile broadband poised to permanently damage the office industry and the companies that sell information technology into fixed locations? Companies: AAPL, AMD, AMZN, BXP, CMCSA, COMM, CSCO, CTXS, DELL, DISH, EQIX, GOOG/GOOGL, IBM, MSFT, T, TMUS, VNO, VZ, XLNX By: John Harrington Click here to download report (.pdf)   Key Findings Fast […]


Tech Trends: 2021: The (Re-)Rise of Communications Infrastructure

Research Question: What critical infrastructure will be needed to create wireless for smart applications everywhere and near-universal access to the Internet, regardless of geography? Which companies are in position to provide it? Companies: AAPL, CIEN, CMCSA, COMM, CSCO, DY, ERIC, GLW, HPE, IBM, NOK By: John Harrington Click here to download report (.pdf)   Editor’s Note: […]


Tech Trends: Fast-Paced Change Upends IT Behind the Scenes

Research Question: What is the race for fast access to data stored in warehouses and data lakes doing to unleash profound change across the traditional IT hardware/software spectrum? And which companies are driving those changes—to the detriment of others? Companies: AKAM, AMZN, ANET, CIEN, CMCSA, COMM, CSCO, DDOG, DELL, FSLY, GLW, GOOG/GOOGL, IBM, MSFT, OKTA, SNOW, […]


Tech Trends: DIY Tech Networking Sales Crashing; Cloud Soaring

Research Question: What will the mass shift to remote working mean for the titans of centralized DIY tech networking? Companies: AKAM, AMZN, ANET, CMCSA, CRM, CSCO, CTXS, DELL, FFIV, GOOG/GOOGL, HPE, IBM, MSFT, VMW, WDAY, ZM By: John Harrington Click here to download report (.pdf)   Key Findings Sales of traditional enterprise networking software/hardware are plummeting […]


Tech Trends: No Going Back—In a World Working Remotely, Microsoft Wins Big (MSFT)

Research Question: As the COVID-19 pandemic forces workers and students to work remotely, is the cloud entering a new phase of expansion? What is needed to keep this mass online use secure? Companies: AMZN, CHKP, CMCSA, CSCO, DELL, FTNT, GOOG/GOOGL, HPE, HPQ, IBM, MSFT, PANW By: John Harrington Click here to download report (.pdf)   Key […]


Roku At Risk of Getting Steamrolled by Amazon and Comcast (ROKU)

Research Question: Will competition from Apple, Comcast, and others drive down Roku’s device prices and ad revenue growth? Companies: AAPL, AMZN, CHTR, CMCSA, DIS, DISH, EXPGY, FB, GOOG/GOOGL, KRX:005930, KRX:034220, NFLX, RAMP, ROKU, T, TIVO, TRU, VIAC By: Seth Agulnick Click here to download report (.pdf)   Summary of Findings Roku Inc. (ROKU) has only […]


Netflix Challengers Are Ramping Up But Not a Threat in 2019 (NFLX)

Research Question: Will Netflix’s subscriber growth be slowed in 2019 by new content options such as Disney+ or by platforms like Roku that make competing content easier to find? Companies: AAPL, AMZN, BABA, CBS, CMCSA, DIS, DISH, FB, FOX, GOOG/GOOGL, NFLX, ROKU, T, TCEHY, TMUS, TYO:6758, VIA, VZ By: Seth Agulnick Click here to download […]


Update: Nielsen’s Measurement of Netflix Audiences Not Delivering the Big Picture (NLSN)

Research Question: Is Nielsen’s system for measuring Netflix audiences giving the firm a new competitive advantage? Companies: CMCSA, DIS, FOX, NFLX, NLSN, SCOR By: Seth Agulnick Click here to download report (.pdf)   Summary of Findings Nielsen Holdings plc’s (NLSN) latest attempt at measuring Netflix Inc. (NFLX) audiences is a largely insignificant step forward. Content […]


Report Update: Netflix Delivers Blow to Fox with Murphy Deal, But Is It Spending Recklessly? (NFLX)

Research Question: What does Netflix’s deal with Ryan Murphy signal about the competition for original content with Disney, Fox and others? Companies: AAPL, AMZN, CBS, CMCSA, DIS, DISH, FOX, NFLX, TWX, TYO:6758 By Seth Agulnick Click here to download report (.pdf)   Summary of Findings Netflix Inc.’s (NFLX) deal with TV show creator Ryan Murphy […]