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Smartphone Whisper

Smartphone Whisper

Research Question: Has the smartphone boom peaked?

Companies Covered: Apple (AAPL), Samsung (KR:005930), BlackBerry (BBRY), Nokia (NOK), HTC (TW:2498)

Report Available: August 8, 2013


Blueshift’s initial research shows smartphone growth slowing in a saturated market, but new innovations could rejuvenate the industry and lead to increased growth.



  1. Smartphones account for approximately half of the cellphones in the U.S., and in comparison with other markets, penetration into the second half of a market is always slower than the first half.  European cellphone shipments are at a nine-year low, equaling only a 12% increase this quarter. Apple is already feeling this shift and is believed to have cut its iPhone production 20% for the second half of 2013. Samsung recently offered a disappointing forecast.
  2. Sources in Blueshift’s July 11 Advertising Industry report said mobile advertising is garnering more mindshare than spending share, expressing disappointment in the platform’s ability to drive significant business, and potentially signaling another reason for declining enthusiasm about the smartphone market. One digital media executive said: “From an advertiser’s perspective, smartphone growth is dead in the water as a direct response vehicle. … Smartphones are not a brand advertising vehicle and never will be.” Another said: “We can’t sell multimillion-dollar packages on mobile, only hundred-thousand-dollar packages and maybe some upward of a million dollars.”
  3. Innovation will be the only way these companies stay relevant and keep growing.  Both Samsung and Apple are rumored to be developing smart watches, and Samsung is in the process of producing a smartphone with a flexible display. Small smartphones are also picking up steam due to the increased interest for lower-priced smartphones.


Blueshift will gather data and issue a market research report from independent sources in the following areas: developers, distributors, supply chain, store personnel, customers, and industry specialists.


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