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Quarterly Local Advertising Consumer Benchmarks (Fall 2013)

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  • Groupon & Yelp take top overall marks from consumers

  • Angie’s List struggles to compete on net promoter and sustainability rankings


We are introducing our Quarterly Local Advertising Consumer Benchmarks. These benchmarks track how consumers evaluate Local Advertising Vendors: Groupon (GRPN), Yelp (YELP), Angie’s List (ANGI), and LivingSocial (AMZN). We provide an Overall Benchmark that averages our four core category benchmarks. For additional information on this study, or to subscribe to future updates, please view the contact information at the end of the report.

Core category benchmarks:

  • Net Promoter: how likely are consumers to recommend a Local Advertising Vendor
  • Value Creation: how likely are consumers to return to merchants they are connected to via Local Advertising Vendors
  • Innovation: how innovative are Local Advertising Vendors
  • Sustainability: how likely are consumers to continue using Local Advertising Vendors in the future

In addition to the four core category benchmarks, we have an “Authenticity” benchmark for review sites.

  • Authenticity: how authentic are reviews posted on review websites

October 2013 Survey Results

 survey 1


The benchmarks were chosen as key criteria in assessing consumers’ evaluations of Local Advertising Vendors based on previous research by Blueshift Research and SurveyMonkey. Consumer evaluation of and behavior toward these Local Advertising Vendors can be assessed by whether consumers will recommend them to their peers (Net Promoter Benchmark), if consumers will become repeat customers at the businesses they try through these daily deals sites (Value Creation Benchmark), if these sites give an indication of continued product and technology growth (Innovation Benchmark), and if consumers expect to continue using these sites one year from now (Sustainability Benchmark). The final benchmark helps determine whether consumers trust the reviews on Yelp and Angie’s List since questions about their authenticity have dogged both companies (Authenticity Benchmark).

Key Findings

  • Net Promoter Benchmark (“How likely is it that you would recommend Company X to a friend or colleague?”): Yelp (47) has the best word of mouth among its users, followed by Groupon (46). Angie’s List (32) ranked lowest.
  • Value Creation Benchmark (“Overall, how likely are you to become a repeat customer for the businesses you find on Company X?”): Businesses using Yelp have the highest likelihood of seeing repeat customers from its Yelp users (52), followed by Groupon (48). Angie’s List (44) ranked lowest.
  • Innovation Benchmark (“How innovative would you say Company X is?”): Groupon (50) is the most innovative company, followed by Yelp (44). LivingSocial (39) ranked lowest.
  • Sustainability Benchmark (“In 1 year, how likely do you think it is that you will be using Company X?”): Yelp (42) is most likely to retain its users one year from now, followed by Groupon (38). Angie’s List (18) is decidedly last, showing little staying power relative to its competitors.
  • Authenticity Benchmark (“How much do you trust the authenticity of the reviews on Yelp/Angie’s List?”): Consumers trust the authenticity of customer reviews on Yelp (42) and Angie’s List (42) the same.
  • Overall Benchmark (Average of 4 Core Benchmarks): Groupon (46) and Yelp (46) are the best overall daily deals sites. Angie’s List (34) ranked lowest.

Evaluation & Methodology

We used a sample of 1,080 consumers in the United States to determine these benchmarks, with 935 consumers evaluating Groupon, 719 evaluating Yelp, 858 evaluating Angie’s List, and 531 evaluating LivingSocial.

To construct the benchmarks, we asked the participating consumers to qualify their overall satisfaction and assigned the following values to the responses for the Value Creation, Innovation, and Sustainability Benchmarks:

  • Extremely (100); Quite (75); Moderately (50); Slightly (25); Not At All (0)

For the Net Promoter Benchmark, we evaluated the responses with the following values:

  • 10 Extremely Likely (100) through 0 Not At All (0) in increments of 10, with 5 being Neutral (50).

Averaging these four benchmarks created the Overall Benchmark for consumers’ evaluation of each Local Advertising Vendor.

The Authenticity of Reviews Benchmark was established with consumers choosing from the following criteria:

  • Trust a Great Deal (100); Trust a Good Amount (75); Trust a Moderate Amount (50); Trust a Small Amount (25); Don’t Trust at All (0)

The full survey and results are available here: Survey Results (October 2013)


Additional Observations

  • Q43 (“Which services do you go to first when seeking consumer reviews on vendors?”): Consumers utilize Amazon (27%), Yelp (15%), and Google (7%) the most when seeking consumer reviews on vendors. Angie’s List (5%) beat Facebook (4%) and Groupon (1%).
  • Q44 (“What matters most to you when using a review site?”): The number of reviews (22%) matters most to consumers when using a review site. Other popular criteria include positive reviews (15%) and the recency of reviews (14%). Number of stars (9%) was least important.
  • Q45 (“How willing are you to pay for reviews of businesses?”): Only 18% of consumers are willing to pay for reviews of businesses at all, with only 6% moderately to extremely willing to pay for reviews. This is likely a reason for the lower scores Angie’s List received, especially on the Sustainability Benchmark, given that Angie’s List is the only daily deals site in this survey that requires consumers to pay a fee to join.
  • Q15, 23, 31, 40 (“How often do you use Company X?”):
    • Consumers use Yelp more commonly and more often than the three other Local Advertising Vendors with A Few Times a Year (17%) and A Couple Times a Month (16%) being the most popular answer.
    • Groupon users visit the site A Few Times a Year (22%) or Less Than Once a Year (10%) most commonly, LivingSocial users visit the site A Few Times a Year (16%) or Less Than Once a Year (10%) most often, and Angie’s List users visit the site Less Than Once a Year (7%) or A Few Times a Year (5%) most frequently.
    • 82% of consumers that have heard of Angie’s List do not use it, 56% of consumers that have heard of LivingSocial do not use it, 46% of consumers that have heard of Groupon do not use it, while only 40% of consumers that have heard of Yelp do not use it.
    • In assessing the frequency of use metric for all four companies, we chose the two most common answers for each company excluding the Never option.
  • Angie’s List trails its competitors significantly in attracting smartphone owners.
    • Filtering for smartphone owners and non-smartphone owners (Q5), we found smartphone owners rated Yelp, Groupon and LivingSocial with a higher overall benchmark than non-smartphone owners, while those not owning a smartphone had a higher evaluation of Angie’s List than those who own a smartphone.
      • The Angie’s List benchmark among smartphone owners was 33 compared to non-smartphone owners at 36.
      • The Yelp benchmark among smartphone owners was 49 compared to non-smartphone owners at 36.
      • The Groupon benchmark among smartphone owners was 48 compared to non-smartphone owners at 41.
      • The LivingSocial benchmark for among smartphone owners was 40 compared to non-smartphone owners at 35.

Contact Information

This study was conducted by Blueshift Research in partnership with SurveyMonkey. The SurveyMonkey Audience product offering was used to reach the sample of consumers.

If you would like to conduct similar studies, or would like to subscribe to future quarterly updates of this Local Advertising Consumer Benchmark study, please contact Blueshift Research.