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What We Do

Blueshift Research is a new, fundamental market research approach for investors. We believe our approach supersedes one-dimensional market research tools such as surveys, expert networks, and Web search systems, and we have taken great care to construct our process, using the highest standards of market research ethics and journalistic integrity.

We also believe that providing ethical, quality, and unbiased investment research from independent sources allows clients to confirm or dispute information from company representatives and Wall Street analysts, thus providing a competitive edge.

Our proprietary pattern mining process uses four main concepts:

  1. We constantly screen for data on unique and controversial ideas that could lead to investable action, and utilize market research professionals to sort through relevant data for uniqueness.
  2. We use a proprietary method to measure the independence of our data, as academic research confirms that independent data points stating the same thing are much more important than the quantity of data as a whole.
  3. Our structured approach to actively seek data from independent sources yields much more unique information than Web data mining, surveys or expert networks.
  4. The final result is a mosaic of primary research that is achieved by gumshoe investigative work that also could be achieved by the “common man,” which alleviates the concern of being at risk for liability under insider trading laws.

Blueshift constantly screens for data on unique and controversial ideas that currently are at the forefront of Wall Street thinking (or are being overlooked), and we keep a list of 25 companies/issues for which we think we can add unique value. This list is constantly being updated and averages five to seven new ideas per month. Our ideas are developed through our proprietary sources, expert discussions and our clients’ interests. We also do customized, exclusive work for our clients.

Blueshift’s pattern mining process was originated by Craig Gordon, who was an early user of survey techniques at RCM’s Grassroots Research. Craig went on to found Off The Record Research, one of the first independent market research firms to use global and time series analysis in surveys.

Blueshift researchers are part investigative journalist, part trendsetter, part analyst, and they adhere at all times to rigorous ethical principles. They clearly identify themselves as trend researchers of Blueshift Research and disclose that they are conducting research on behalf of institutional investors. They gather information from nontraditional sources such as customers, suppliers, competitors, vendors and industry specialists and assemble that information into our timely reports.

Blueshift sources are not paid and generally will not/do not speak with clients or their associates directly. We do not act as “matchmakers” between company/industry sources and our clients. There is no direct source attribution within our research product, unless specifically requested by a source.