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Compliance Protocols

Blueshift Research conducts research in a variety of industry segments, both regulated and unregulated, and interacts with a broad range of market participants, including consumers; firms and individuals at every stage of the supply and production chain; industry advisers; investment advisers; and broker dealers. Blueshift believes that having a strong compliance program that addresses proper employee business conduct can help mitigate the risk of potential legal actions.


Core Compliance Principles

  1. Trend Researchers do not steal or otherwise misappropriate information or property of any kind. This includes confidential, material and nonpublic information.
  2. Trend Researchers always seek to avoid situations in which the subject of a Blueshift interview provides information that constitutes breach of a fiduciary duty owed to an employer or a duty of confidentiality owed to a third party.
  3. Trend Researchers do not knowingly pass on information that is false or deceptive.


Blueshift Interview Guidelines

At the outset of an interview, Trend Researchers are required to engage in a brief and preliminary discussion with every Interviewee, so as to ensure that the Interviewee understands the types of information the Company wishes to receive, as well as the types of information Blueshift does not wish to receive. We emphasize knowledge that is able to be gotten by the common man and make ourTrend Researchers understand that if confidentiality agreements are signed by suppliers, distributors or delivery services we cannot breach those contracts.


Blueshift does not seek out material and nonpublic information, nor does the Company seek to include material and nonpublic information in the reports which it provides to third parties. Trend Researchers must use their best judgment and are required to contact the Compliance Officer whenever there is a doubt as to whether certain information exposes potential liability for the Company or its clients or consumers. If a Trend Researcher receives questionable data from a source, Blueshift Research manages each instance on a case-by-case basis. Possible outcomes include cancelling the entire report or eliminating the questionable data from the existing report.


The Compliance Officer shall certify each Blueshift report for submission to Blueshift clients or consumers.


Blueshift Research strictly forbids all forms of financial compensation of its sources. The Company’s goal is to create an unbiased research product for its clients.