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SAP  // Posts tagged as "SAP"

Tech Trends: Super-Scale AI Cloud Disruption Hitting Critical Mass

Research Question: Which new technologies and applications are most immediately disruptive toward the business models of the established large IT vendors in every category? Companies: AMZN, CHKP, CSCO, CTXS, DVMT, GOOG/GOOGL, FTNT, HPE, IBM, JNPR, MSFT, ORCL, PANW, SAP By: John Harrington Click here to download report (.pdf)   Key Findings All 16 sources agree that, […]


Shopify’s Growth Trend Will Continue With Higher Pricing Model (SHOP)

Research Question: Will Shopify’s new variable-pricing model for Shopify Plus slow its growth or be a profit catalyst? Companies: CRM, PYPL, SAP, TSE:SHOP/SHOP By: David Franklin Click here to download report (.pdf)   Summary of Findings Shopify Inc.’s (TSE:SHOP/SHOP) growth trend will not be hurt by the new variable-pricing model for its Shopify Plus enterprise […]


Tableau Has Not Pivoted to Complex Analyses As Rivals Close In (DATA)

Research Question: Has Tableau lost its edge in a sea of analytics competitors? Companies: AMZN, CRM, DATA, GOOG/GOOGL, IBM, MSFT, MSTR, ORCL, SAP, TYO:6501 By: Seth Agulnick Click here to download report (.pdf)   Summary of Findings Tableau Software Inc.’s (DATA) once massive advantage among data visualization providers is dwindling. Microsoft Corp.’s (MSFT) Power BI […]


TripAdvisor’s Instant Booking Has Gained Traction Since Blueshift’s June Report (TRIP)

Research Question: Is TripAdvisor’s Instant Booking feature seeing increased adoption from hotels and online travel agencies? Companies: EXPE, FB, GOOG/GOOGL, PCLN, SABR, SAP, TRIP By: Reverdy Johnson Click here to download report (.pdf)   Summary of Findings TripAdvisor Inc.’s (TRIP) Instant Booking is seeing growth and increased results compared with Blueshift Research’s June 23 report. Five […]


Shopify Will Sustain Growth But Be Challenged in Upmarket Move

Research Question: Is Shopify’s platform scalable for big brands, and is its growth sustainable? Companies: AAPL, AMZN, CRM, FB, IBM, N, ORCL, SAP, SHOP, SQ, WIX By: David Franklin Click here to download the report (.pdf)   Summary of Findings Shopify Inc.’s (SHOP) market-leading small and midsized retail ecommerce platform is unlikely to successfully scale up to […]


Deck is Stacked Against FICO’s Decision Management Software

Research Question: Will FICO’s decision management platform transform the company into an analytics leader in the next 2 to 3 years? Companies: ADBE, EFX, EXPN, FICO, IBM, ORCL, PEGA, SAP By: Seth Agulnick Click here to download the report (.pdf)   Summary of Findings Fair Isaac Corp.’s (FICO) Decision Management Suite 2.0 is a promising entry in […]


DWRE Growth Will Slow Due to Performance Issues and Competitive Pressure

Research Question: As Demandware continues to generate double-digit growth rates, are existing customers expanding their use of its services, including predictive intelligence applications? Companies: ADBE, AMZN, DWRE, EBAY, GDDY, GOOG/GOOGL, IBM, MSFT, N, ORCL, SAP, SHOP, WIX By: David Franklin Click here to download report (.pdf)   Summary of Findings Demandware Inc.’s (DWRE) double-digit growth rate […]


Paycom to Keep Strong Growth Rate with Quality Product, Large Prospect Pool

Research Question: Is Paycom’s new business growth sustainable? Companies: ADP, LON:SGE, MSFT, ORCL, PAYC, PAYX, PCTY, SAP, TNET, ULTI, WAGE, WDAY By: Reverdy Johnson Click here to download the report (.pdf)   Summary of Findings Eleven of 16 sources said Paycom Software Inc. (PAYC) will continue to grow in 2016 as it both brings in new […]


Qlik’s Sense Has Potential But is Off to a Slow Start

Research Question: Is Qlik Sense gaining enough traction in the BI software market to allow Qlik Technologies to reach growth expectations? Companies: DATA, DWCH, HPQ, IBM, MSFT, MSTR, ORCL, QLIK, SAP, TIBX By: Seth Agulnick Click here to download the report (.pdf)   Summary of Findings Qlik Technologies Inc.’s (QLIK) newest product, Sense, has yet to […]


SMBs Eagerly Await ININ’s PureCloud, Enterprise Users More Cautious

Research Question: Will Interactive Intelligence’s PureCloud jumpstart an industry move toward cloud-based call centers? Companies: ALU, CRM, CSCO, EGHT, FIVN, GENESYS/BOM:506109, ININ, MITL, MSFT, RNG, SAAS, SAP, SHOR, TYO:6701 By: Susan Jennings Click here to download the report (.pdf)   Summary of Findings Cloud-based multitenant solutions like Interactive Intelligence Group Inc.’s (ININ) PureCloud are anxiously awaited […]