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COST  // Posts tagged as "COST"

Jan 23 2013 Food & Beverage, Retail

Green Mountain’s K-Cup Sales Climbing, Private-Label Threat Muted for Now

Research Question: Are Green Mountain’s Keurig and K-Cup sales and inventory levels on track to meet expectations for the holiday season and early 2013? By: Reverdy Johnson Companies: COST, DNKN, GMCR, JAH, KRFT, KR, LCUT, SBUX, SVU, SWY, TGT, WMT Click here to download the report (.pdf)   Summary of Findings Seven of 11 office supply and online […]


Retailers Must Use Technology, Offline/Online Hybrid to Retain Customers

Research Question: How are brick-and-mortar companies reinventing the retail experience to get customers to continue shopping in stores? By: Reverdy Johnson Companies: AAPL, AMZN, CL, COST, CVS, EBAY, JCP, KR, M, PG, RAD, SBUX, SHLD, SPLS, SWY, TGT, WAG, WFM, WMT, WSM Click here to download the report (.pdf)   Summary of Findings The brick-and-mortar retailers that have been […]


Sales Growth Expected to Continue for GNC Stores and Online

Research Question: Will GNC store sales slow over the next three to 12 months? By: David Franklin Companies: AMZN, COST, GNC, VSI, WFM, WMT Click here to download the report (.pdf)   Summary of Findings Factors cited as driving sales at GNC Holdings Inc. (GNC) include convenient store locations, reasonable prices, high product quality, broad selection, new products, […]


Jun 28 2012 Food & Beverage, Retail

SWY’s Just for U Needs to Evolve Further to Alter Shopping Behavior

Research Question: Will Safeway revolutionize couponing and alter consumer behavior with its “Just for U” program? By:  Ryan Duck Companies: COST, SVU, SWY, WMT Click here to download the report (.pdf)   Summary of Findings Safeway Inc.’s (SWY) “Just for U” program will not revolutionize couponing or significantly alter consumer behavior anytime soon. Greater industry and consumer […]


Williams-Sonoma’s Retail Initiatives Will Drive 2012 Growth (WSM)

Research Question: Will Williams-Sonoma’s initiatives to correct retail problem areas from 2011 be the catalyst for growth in 2012? By: David Franklin Companies: AMZN, BBBY, COST, CPWM, PIR, SMN, TGT, URBAN, WSM Click here to download the report (.pdf)   Summary of Findings Store personnel, supply chain professionals and industry specialists expect Williams-Sonoma Inc.’s (WSM) retail initiatives […]


GMCR’s Keurig Safe from SBUX’s Verismo; Threatened by Patent Expiration (GMCR, SBUX)

Research Question: How will new competition from Starbucks affect Green Mountain Coffee Roasters’ market share? By:  Reverdy Johnson Companies: AMZN, BBBY, COST, DNKN, KSS, GMCR, SBUX, THS Click here to download the report (.pdf)   Summary of Findings Ten of 12 sources knowledgeable about Starbucks Corp.’s (SBUX) Verismo said it will not dramatically affect Green Mountain Coffee […]


Feb 23 2012 Food & Beverage, Retail

SodaStream Update, 2012 Off to Good Start, Except at Big Box Stores (SODA)

Research Question: What is the trend with SodaStream in the first two months of 2012? By: Ryan Duck Companies: BBBY, BBY, COST, JCP, M, SODA, TGT Click here to download the report (.pdf)   Summary of Findings Nine of 11 retail/department stores said SodaStream International Ltd. (SODA) sales have been positive to start 2012, with two indicating […]


Feb 09 2012 Financial, Retail

Safeway Moves Upsacale, Avoids Confronting Discount Competitors (SWY)

Research Questions: What effect are discount retailers and specialty grocers having on Safeway, and will growth continue for the company’s Blackhawk prepaid card business? By: Susan Jennings Kantari Companies: AXP, COST, DG, DLTR, GDOT, KR, NDN, NTSP, SVU, SWY, TGT, WFM, WMT Click here to download the report (.pdf)   Summary of Findings Four of five Safeway Inc. (SWY) […]


Jan 12 2012 Food & Beverage, Retail

SodaStream’s Retail Expansion Continues But Red Flags Persist (SODA)

Research Question: How is SodaStream progressing with its U.S. retail expansion, and how were its holiday equipment and consumable sales? By: Ryan Duck Companies: AMZN, BBBY, BBY, COST, COT, JCP, KFT, KO, KSS, PEP, SHLD, SODA, SPLS, WMT Click here to download the report (.pdf)   Summary of Findings Heavy discounting, limited flavor selections, a lack of new […]


Under Armour Broadens Reach Except in Footwear (UA)

Research Question: How successful is Under Armour at expanding its core demographic to become the preferred apparel company for women, teens and men under 35 years of age? By: David Franklin Companies: AEO, BRK.A, CAB, COLM, COST, ADS:DE, ETR:PUM, FL, GPS, HBI, LULU, NKE, TGT, TJX, TYO:7936, UA, VFC Click here to download the report (.pdf)   […]