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Idea Proposal

  • A Blueshift Research Idea Proposal is the initial presentation and proposal of a unique or controversial idea to research, intended to generate interest from clients or potential clients. It is used as a starting point for a possible research project. An Idea Proposal is concise and contains the following: the research question, background information, data points presenting reasons to do the research (often showcasing two different sides of the story), companies covered, and potential silos of sources to be interviewed.
  • Research ideas for an Idea Proposal are initiated by Blueshift Research clients, potential clients, sales and research team members, and reporters.


Full Research Report

  • These comprehensive reports answer the research question from the Idea Proposal, and include summaries and transcripts of interviews with sources in a variety of independent and unique silos.
  • These reports are released to all Blueshift Research clients.


Custom Research Report

  • These comprehensive reports are designed by and written for the Blueshift Research client who commissions the work.
  • These reports are initially released only to the commissioning client, and then are released to all Blueshift Research clients after an appropriate embargo period.


Monthly Consumer Survey

  • Blueshift Research produces a monthly research survey tracking the most pressing topics affecting U.S. consumers as well as business and investment theses. We monitor trends to see how respondents’ opinions evolve, and frequently update survey questions with new issues that emerge from our research and observations.
  • The Trends Tracker comprises answers from 1,000 respondents who represent a general sample of the U.S. public, utilizing Census data to balance respondents by gender and age so that the sample aligns with the U.S. population.