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IDEXX Whisper

IDEXX Whisper

Research Question: Are Abaxis and Heska gaining share from IDEXX Laboratories now that the market has adjusted to the new competitive environment created by last year’s FTC settlement?

Companies Covered: IDEXX Laboratories (IDXX), Abaxis (ABAX), Heska (HSKA), Zoetis (ZTS), VCA Antech (WOOF), MWI Veterinary Supply (MWIV)

Report Available: February 26, 2014


Blueshift’s initial research indicates that IDEXX Laboratories is facing increased competitive pressure from companies in the animal health space after regulations altered distribution agreements, raising questions about the company’s ability to maintain market share. Despite these challenges, IDXX has responded with the release of innovative products and services, which have the potential to solidify and expand IDXX’s position as the industry leader.



  1. In early 2013, the veterinary supply industry experienced disruptive changes in the midst of federal regulations. The FTC amended distribution agreements, attacking exclusivity provisions and thus changing the way products are distributed in the industry. Having obtained a dominant market position through the use of exclusivity provisions in recent years, IDXX has, for the last year, faced a looming threat to its market share.
  2. Sources in Blueshift’s February and July IDXX reports said the company was at risk of losing 5% to 15% of its 70% market share of the point-of-care (POC) veterinary diagnostic testing and equipment market. ABAX was noted as the competitor expected to gain the most market share, while HSKA and ZTS were also mentioned as possible winners of additional share. WOOF was positioned to gain some share with its reference lab testing services. MWIV was expected to gain share in the distribution channel as the only large national supplier able to represent all the POC diagnostic equipment manufacturers.
  3. In spite of this threat to market share, IDXX continues to be on the forefront of veterinary technology, producing high-quality and profitable products. The company’s most recent product offering, the Catalyst One Chemistry Analyzer, represents a breakthrough in point-of-care technology and enables veterinarians to quickly and efficiently analyze samples in their place of business, rather than expending time and money in what is often costly lab work. Veterinarians in Blueshift’s previous reports were generally positive about the quality of IDXX’s products and services, while half of our sources viewed new initiatives positively and expected them to help reduce or curtail share losses.


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