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Douglas Dynamics Idea Proposal (PLOW)

Douglas Dynamics Idea Proposal (PLOW)

Will Douglas Dynamics’ snowplow sales meet expectations this winter?

Report Available: February 23, 2017


Blueshift’s initial research found high expectations for PLOW sales in the back half of winter. Snowfall totals have vastly exceeded averages in some areas of the country but lagged in others. An uptick in pickup truck sales could bode well for PLOW.



  1. Wall Street is expecting a modest 11% increase in PLOW’s sales for the quarter ended Dec. 31 but analysts are predicting a mammoth 80% revenue jump for the first three months of 2017 compared to a year ago, when below-average snowfall totals led to a year-over-year sales decline.
  2. Snowfall totals of more than 200 inches have been observed in parts of California and the Sierra Nevada this winter. In some areas of the Northeast, however, accumulations remained below average as January came to a close.
  3. Pickup truck sales, which PLOW executives have said are positively correlated to sales of its snowplow attachments, were up 2.6% in December from a year ago and 5.9% for the year.
  4. In Blueshift’s Dec.7, 2016 report, PLOW dealerships forecast some sales growth despite a mild start to winter. Nearly half of PLOW’s Western and Fisher dealers interviewed were optimistic that they would see a year-to-year sales increase on snowplows when the season was over. For the most recent three months, three of 12 Western dealers and three of 12 Fisher dealers reported sales as higher than a year ago, with increases primarily ranging from 7% to 15%.


How have sales of Western and Fisher brand snowplow attachments been in December and January? What is the outlook for the rest of winter? What have prices been like? What is PLOW’s reputation among dealers and customers? To answer these and other questions, Blueshift will issue a market research report by gathering data from independent sources in the following areas: Western dealers and Fisher dealers.


Companies: Douglas Dynamics (PLOW), The Toro Company (TTC)


Research Begins: Feb. 6, 2017