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AT&T Data Centers Headed to IBM in Sale?

Research Question: Is AT&T in the process of selling its collection of data centers to IBM? Companies: AMZN, CTL, GOOG/GOOGL, IBM, MSFT, RAX, T, VZ By: John Harrington Click here to download the report (.pdf)   Summary Blueshift Research has learned that AT&T Inc. (T) is poised to sell off the bulk, if not all, of […]


Audits, Credits, Discounts, Deals Define Cloud Battle

Research Question: Are cloud computing efforts by AWS, Microsoft and Google causing companies like Oracle to force or heavily entice clients to adopt their cloud offerings in order to compete in the space? Companies: AMZN, CONE, CRM, CSCO, CTL, DFT, DLR, EMC, EQIX, GOOG/GOOGL, HPE, IBM, MSFT, ORCL, RAX, T, VZ, WDAY By: John Harrington Click […]


Mass-Scale Data Networking Is Disrupting All of IT

Research Question: How does global data center scalability affect IT OEMs as elastic cloud computing-as-a-service eats into traditional box-based vendors’ dominance in private network construction? Which other companies will benefit or face challenges as mass-scale cloud delivery of data services expands into new categories of business? Companies: AAPL, AMZN, ANET, CHKP, CSCO, EQIX, FEYE, FIT, FTNT, […]


Auto Industry Evolving Into Mobility Industry with Autonomous, Connected Cars

Blueshift Research attended Telematics West Coast 2015 and the Connected Car Expo, meeting with new sources as well as those interviewed for our various reports on Auto Infotainment in 2014 and 2015. The following are highlights and themes pulled from interviews, observations, and speaker presentations. Companies: AAPL, BBRY, BOM:500530, BOM:500570, CTTAY, DDAIF, DLPH, ETR:NSU/FRA:NSU, F, […]


Cisco’s Cloud Services Play Has Gone Nowhere

Research Question: Can Cisco migrate its traditional networking business to a cloud services platform based on SDN and fast data storage? If so, how long will the migration take, and who will be the primary competition standing in its way? Companies: AMZN, ANET, CDW, CSCO, EMC, GOOG/GOOGL, HPQ, MLNX, SMCI, T, TPE:2382 By: John Harrington Click […]


Cloud Acceleration Will Define Next Year’s IT Winners and Losers

Research Question: What will be the fastest growing uses of cloud-based networking services in 2016? Which companies will lead or lag within the highest growth categories? Companies: AKAM, AMZN, ANET, CHKP, CRM, CSCO, CTXS, CUDA, DATA, EMC, FEYE, FFIV, FTNT, GOOG/GOOGL, HPQ, IBM, JNPR, MSFT, NTAP, ORCL, PANW, QLIK, RAX, SMCI, TDC, VMW, WDAY By: John […]


Digital Realty Trust Set to Score on Network Interconnection

Research Question: How will Digital Realty Trust’s acquisition of Telx affect the network interconnection and leasing industry? Companies: AAPL, AKAM, AMZN, CONE, CORE, CRM, CSCO, CTL, DFT, DLR, EQIX, GOOG/GOOGL, LVLT, MSFT, ORCL, T, VZ, WIN, ZAYO By: John Harrington Click here to download the report (.pdf)   Summary Digital Realty Trust Inc.’s (DLR) $1.89 billion […]


Pricing Pressure and White Boxes Will Challenge Arista’s Margins and Growth

Research Question: Will threats from white box and branded data switch competitors slow Arista Networks’ growth? Companies: ANET, BRCD, CSCO, EMC, EXTR, HPQ, JNPR, MLNX, SHE:002502, SMCI, TPE:2345, TPE:2382 By: David Franklin Click here to download the report (.pdf)   Summary of Findings Arista Networks, Inc. (ANET) is likely to suffer declining margins, and slowed growth […]


Data Storage Industry Quickly Shifting to a Software and Services Model

Research Question: What effect is the introduction of new mass-density, small-form factor storage tied to new processing power and virtualization going to have on traditional storage networking vendors? Companies: AMZN, EMC, GOOG/GOOGL, HPQ, IBM, INTC, KRX:005930, MSFT, NTAP, ORCL, SMCI, SNDK, TPE:2382, VMW By: John Harrington Click here to download the report (.pdf)   Summary Clients […]


Kuka’s High Prices Will Limit Its Collaborative Robot Appeal

Research Question: Will Kuka’s reputation for quality overcome the higher price tag for its collaborative robots? Companies: ABB, AMZN, BABA, BIT:FCA/FCAU, GOOG/GOOGL, KUKAY, ROK, SHE:002009, SHE:300024, SIEGY, TER, TPE:2354, TYO:6503, TYO:6506, TYO:6954 Click here to download the report (.pdf) By: Seth Agulnick   Summary of Findings Kuka AG (KUKAY) could struggle in the burgeoning field of […]